From the Stream to the Coast: Valuing Ecosystem Services to promote the Sustainable Development of River Basins | NOV 8 and 9, 2019
Da Nascente à Costa: Valoração dos Serviços de Ecossistema na promoção do Desenvolvimento Sustentável de Bacias Hidrográficas | 8 e 9 NOV, 2019


Dear participants, on behalf of the Organizing Committee of the International Workshop on Ecosystem  Services (IWSE) intituled “From the Stream to the Coast: Valuing Ecosystem Services to promote the Sustainable Development of River Basins”, it is a great pleasure to invite you to this important event and welcoming you all to the University of Trás-os-Montes and Alto Douro (UTAD), in Vila Real, a city located in the North of Portugal, in the Douro Region, World Heritage listed by UNESCO.

The CITAB and CIIMAR are working together to prepare this relevant and pertinent event on Ecosystem services focus on important and current topics on this subject, namely:

  • Ecosystem services: assessment and valuation under global change
  • Smart and creative management: Linking nature and culture
  • Assessment of regulating services provided by ecosystems from catchment to coast
  • Artificial intelligence & semantic web-supported collaborative modeling for Ecosystem Services. 

The main goal is to gather information and views on the valuation of ecosystem services from various regions of the Douro River basin from the source to the coast, and to understand how this approach based on ecosystem services can be used to support decision-making. 

The workshop will have several invited key speakers and collaborative sessions to integrate participants’ different views on the usefulness of these results in real river basin management scenarios and coastal zones, and  providing the opportunity of interacting with several interdisciplinary group, exchange experience, improve knowledge, fortifying relationships and network and participating in the discussion about the services of the ecosystems.

On this occasion we also would like to extend our sincere thanks to our partners and sponsors that believe in this project and support this important event.

We are looking forward to seeing and welcoming you in UTAD this 2 days. 

On behalf of WISE Organizing Committee

Prof.ª João Alexandre Cabral

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Ana Sampaio (UTAD/CITAB)
Edna Cabecinha (UTAD/CITAB)
Irene Martins (CIIMAR)
João Alexandre Cabral (UTAD/CITAB)
João Soares Carrola (UTAD/CITAB)
Marina Dolbeth (CIIMAR)
Mario Santos (UTAD/CITAB)
Ronaldo Gabriel (UTAD/CITAB)
Rui Cortes (UTAD/CITAB)
Sandra Ramos (CIIMAR)
Vanessa Queirós (UTAD)
André Fonseca (UTAD/CITAB)
Lígia Pinto (CITAB’s Secretariat)


Geoscience Building
ECVA – Polo I
Geosciences Auditorium at the School of Life and Environmental Sciences (ECVA – Polo I), for communications, and the “Rectory Hall” in the Rectory Building, for the working groups.



This workshop is supported by National Funds by FCT – Portuguese Foundation for Science and Technology, under the project UID/AGR/04033/2019 and partially by IF/00919/2015