The main objectives of the Workshop will be: (1) integrate interdisciplinary approaches to analyse social, ecological and social-ecological resilience, with ecosystem services linking subsystems of terrestrial, riverine and estuarine habitats; (2) the identification of win-win situations where landscape interface environments can be optimised for biodiversity conservation, ecosystem service provisioning and socioeconomic development; (3) to promote the active integration of participatory and innovative approaches strengthening the role of social-ecological resilience and ecosystem services for societal perceptions, vulnerability, risk behaviour and environmental management options; (4) to come up with methodologies that can effectively valuate the ecosystem services of the case study: the Douro River basin. Once this practical example is achieved, the proposed methodologies can be transferred to other systems and contexts.

This workshop is supported by National Funds by FCT – Portuguese Foundation for Science and Technology, under the project UID/AGR/04033/2019 and partially by IF/00919/2015